@HippoPark is a neighborhood playground just up the block. It’s also a world of joyful enchantment. This colorful, musical, animated adventure series will spark preschoolers’ imaginations and get them singing, dancing and laughing. In this park, your child will find friends of all kinds – energetic kids, loving caregivers and a cheerful trio of Hippos who happily host the party.

Meet The Characters


Sometimes it’s hard to even spot Jonamar at the park because he’s always running so fast! Ever optimistic, Jonamar is the first to try something new, and the first to help his friends try it too.


Jenna is strong-minded, clever and courageous; a natural born leader. She loves making people laugh and always wants everyone to have a good time!


Raffy is fearless – always wanting to climb higher and swing faster. He may be on the tiny side, but his appetite for adventure is huge!


Bernie is thoughtful, kind and a little bit shy. She is happy playing by herself but loves it when her friends join too… as long as they play by the rules. Bernie is inquisitive and curious about… well, just about everything!


Emmaline is Bernie’s little sister, and like most little sisters, she just wants to do what Bernie does, all of the time.