The Kid Who Only Hit Homers Movie produced by MIMO Studios, starring Alex J. Montero, Ryan Forrestal, and Jennifer Bonner.

The Kid Who Only Hit Homers

Sylvester Coddmeyer III (aka SYL), 13, has baseball in his blood….literally. The son of a former player turned middle school coach, Syl eats, breaths, and sleeps baseball. Unfortunately, Syl isn’t very good at playing the game. On the verge of quitting to not bring his team or dad down, Syl is visited by a mysterious man who secretly coaches him to sudden greatness. Life as a star is great–tons of fans, free swag, even an invitation from the Major League to showcase his talents. But things take a turn when Syl discovers his new coach is really the spirit of Babe Ruth and his newfound confidence is shaken. Does he have what it takes to bring home the League Championship without Babe by his side? 

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