We are excited to announce our partnership with former NBA player, Baron Davis and his company, U Wish, to produce a new lineup of kid’s content under the title: MiMO Sports. Together under the umbrella Heroes of the Game, we will produce sports-themed content that focuses on engaging kids through diverse storytelling.

Davis will serve as both an executive producer and a creative consultant under the umbrella: Heroes of the Game. He will also join the MiMO Studios board of advisors as we develop future projects

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What Is MiMO Sports?

Through MiMO Sports we will produce a variety of sports content for kids in line with our previously published production of The Kid Who Only Hit Homers. Programs will include scripted and real-life stories that will represent and teach inspiring family values to kids.

We are pleased to announce a new made for TV basketball film featuring Baron Davis in a starring role and as an executive producer. The title of this film will be announced as production moves forward.

This film will tell the story of two brothers who are preparing for their extended family’s annual All Family Basketball Tournament. The brothers have always been competitive about everything, including their family’s basketball tournament. And this year, the multigenerational bragging rights are even more important now that their pre-teen kids can play. And although the chances of Cam (Davis) and his daughters defeating Kevin and his AAU-trained twin boys look slim, they have an ultimate weapon...perfect faith and trust in each other.

Currently, we are still at the very early stages of production, so stay tuned for more updates about this new movie.

Future MiMO Sports Content

We are also pleased to announce a podcast miniseries featuring Baron Davis as our first guest. The miniseries will feature three episodes, each with a different hero athlete sharing stories in an autobiographical format. Each episode will focus on a different stage of our guest’s career, ranging from their youth through the present day. The goal of this podcast is to give children inspirational guideposts for their own sports journeys. 

Why MiMO Sports?

Cyma Zarghami, CEO said, “During my tenure at [Nickelodeon], I studied this audience inside and out, and a consistent [theme] with them is they love sports content. There also isn’t a lot of new sports content coming out, and kids aren’t participating in sports now, which creates a need for it. Even when they get back into sports, kids want to learn how to succeed, and this content can teach that.”

“Even when they get back into sports, kids want to learn how to succeed, and this content can teach that.”

Baron Davis said, “Heroes of the Game provides an exciting opportunity to expand UWish’s mission of celebrating diverse storytelling in new and engaging ways. I have [also] known Cyma for a very long time and always wanted to work with her team to create content that shows kids what is possible when they work hard and dream big.”

Follow Us for More

At MiMO Studios, we believe that children can benefit from inspirational content through emotional, meaningful and diverse storytelling. We invite you to follow us for more exciting announcements as we move forward.