Cyma Zarghami joined Variety’s “Strictly Business” weekly podcast featuring conversations with industry leaders about the business of media and entertainment and shared what it takes to create a bona fide hit in the kids TV business.

“In order to become a franchise in the kids world, you almost have to be everywhere all at once, immediately,” she says. Today’s TV shows are no longer standalone properties, but part of larger narratives involving social media, video games and dedicated fan communities.

In a moment of transition across the industry, it is an exciting time for MIMO Studios to plant its flag as a producer and embrace the Web3 world.

Zarghami goes on to discuss MIMO’s new animated short form series for YouTube, @HippoPark. The series was conceived as a building block for a metaverse of properties and characters that are woven together. She explains that in the emerging world of Web3 entertainment, creatives are going to have to get used to dealing with direct feedback from fans at a granular level in terms of what they want to see next.

“Everybody has to go into this next generation of content with an open mind,” Zarghami says. “It’s going to require people to work very different ways than they are comfortable working.”

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