Cyma Zarghami, Nickelodeon’s former Chief, has launched a children’s content company, MIMO Studios. The New York-based company will create original IP and acquire existing ones, with the goal of making live-action and animated movies for kids 11 and under.

MIMO has already begun production on its first project with the live action feature The Kid Who Only Hit Homers, based on the 1972 novel by Matt Christopher. MIMO has five other properties in development that are centered around positive family values, diversity, education and more.

Cyma’s decades of entertainment experience and commitment to storytelling gives MIMO a unique position in the current broadcasting landscape. MIMO plans to work with both traditional and digital distributors to create limited series and movies with franchise-potential.

A Few More Words From Cyma

“MIMO will challenge the typical content format and create franchise-potential properties that will engage kids and their families in deeper and more relevant ways.”

MIMO Studios will be at the forefront of building a new franchise model for kids’ content in what is seeming more and more like a post-broadcast world. It has been very rewarding to personally select IP that will come to life in keeping with my vision to super serve kids 11 and under in a new media landscape, one that is being primarily designed for the adult audience.”